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What does our service offer our customers:

Nightwine can provide your company or school a way to reach your customers in this age of social distancing, by way of webcasting. You would be able to reach your customers via mobile, computer, or TV.

Why buy our service:

In the present environment, in order to reach your customers, you have to think outside the box. Our webcasting service will give you the ability to get your product out to the masses. Your customers are technically proficient enough to utilize a mobile device, computer, or TV to watch what you deliver. Nightwine would be the catalyst to get your message to the customer.

Why buy our service:

Nightwine has the knowledge and experience to produce high quality webcasts. We have been producing live webcasts for over 10 years, including:

  • High school sporting events, such as wrestling, basketball, and football. We've also worked with sports organizations such as the Wooster Warriors Professional Hockey Club and the Canton Cougars Area Football team.

  • Religious services, such as 4pm mass for the Immaculate Conception Church in Ravenna, Ohio. Unlike most religious services that are being streamed online, ours is not a fixed camera shot, but two separate cameras with one producer to provide more inclusion for those watching.

  • Wedding services for those who cannot have a large event but still want to reach as many people as they can.

We have the right team to succeed:

Nightwine has a dedicated crew who work to produce a high quality webcast. We can utilize multiple cameras, along with live commentary, to produce your webcast like a network show. Plus, we work with an established content delivery network, Wowza Media Systems. With live webcasting, no one has more experience that us.

Contact us to get your message out.

Nightwine Productions LLC
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