Our film and multimedia include commercials for the McKinley Museum in Canton, Ohio, promotional videos for the Sid Richardson company in Texas, training films concerning ISO 9000 for Diebold Inc., and safety for Meggitt ABS.

Since 2015, our company has worked in association with the Rootstown high school drama club developing and promoting films instead of plays. We have had world premieres of "Zombie High", "Zombie High 2: Laura's Revenge" and currently "Paranormal High School".

Since 2004, Nightwine has also worked with the McKinley Museum in Canton, Ohio, to provide a film camp for students 11 to 15 years of age. This involves one week where the students learn the craft of film making as they act, direct, and film a short movie. The premiere is held at the Lions Lincoln Theater in Massillon, Ohio.

Nightwine also provides event assistance. We have helped in the production of the McKinley Bridal Show held every April, the Cloud 9 Dance Recital held every June and Southeast school's PTO summer events utilizing our "JimboTron".


Nightwine Productions is a film and multimedia company that started in 2004. We produce commercials, promotional films, training films, provide live webcasting and event production.

We are experts in using state-of-the-art development tools to help your organization communicate to customers and employees more clearly. By using our services, your organization can focus on defining your message. Nightwine Productions will help you refine your message for a specific audience, and then show you how to enhance the message through video, audio and the web.

We began webcasting in 2007 with the MAHL Wooster Warriors hockey team. Then branched out with the Canton Cougars Area football team. We have provided live webcasts of high school wrestling since 2009, covering not only the regular season, but also the Sectionals and Districts. The coverage continues with wrestling and now includes basketball.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky