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ROVER PRIDE DVD - Rootstown Schools

This year, Nightwine partnered with the Rootstown 5th grade class to develop a instructional DVD for all elementary grade levels. This DVD was designed to model the student's expected behavior in all parts of the elementary, including the bus.

MEGGITT ABS - Health and Safety

NIghtwine partnered with MEGGITT ABS in developing a Health and Safety Leadership Training video. This video encompassed the aspects of why health and safety is important to the company, the Group Health and Safety Policy, success factors for implementing the policy, integrating health and safety into company operations and roles and responsibilities managing Health and Safety.


NIghtwine partnered with DIEBOLD in developing ISO 9001 training videos for the company. Nightwine created movies tailored towards specific ISO procedures and practices. These movies present ISO in a way that people can easily understand and appreciate. 

THEY CALL ME MR. GREEN: Mild-mannered ISO coordinator James Gerren has come to a new company to provide ISO leadership. Unfortunately, there are those who conspire against him, taking him over the edge. James loses control and turns into a big green goliath, seeking vengeance against those not IOS compliant. This movie covers safety, ESD procedures, shipping requirements and project validation.

ISOWEEN: A former movie serial killer is out of work and has found a new career working as an ISO auditor. In his new job, if someone has a corrective action written up, it may be their last! Only the good ISO coordinator can save those who venture into the path of the ISO auditor. This movie covers equipment calibration, project personnel descriptions and informational sources.

ISOJEDI: An evil, ruthless despot named Lord Chaos has overtaken a company that is ISO certified. He begins to dismantle the company's concept of ISO. Only Gui-Gon Jim, a former warrior versed in the terminology of ISO, can stop Lord Chaos and save the company. This movie covers ESD procedures, personnel to job qualifications and project parts management.

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