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How to have your day, even with the pandemic, with live streaming

With the pandemic, people now have to think outside the box to accomplish things we took for granite. Thinking outside the box is something Nightwine does. With the current pandemic, many couples are either rescheduling their wedding or limiting the number of attendees. We believe that thinking outside the box, couples should seriously consider live streaming their wedding for guests who can’t attend in-person.

Reasons to stream:

  • Rescheduling with guests and vendors can be painful and expensive.

  • Guests who could initially attend may not be able to so, once your rescheduled date

    has been determined.

  • Live streaming provides a way for people who can’t risk traveling or being exposed

    to large groups of people.

How we can help:

  • Multiple cameras provide your guests with the best possible viewing angle.

  • We provide a full recording of the live stream the next day so that be viewed by

    those who couldn’t watch the event.

  • We can provide the option to display on-screen text that details members of the

    bridal party.

Live Stream Package - $595

  • 2 camera coverage of your ceremony and/or reception. The feed from these high quality HD cameras will be streamed live for those who can’t attend to enjoy at home.

  • Live multi-camera editing - the events will be edited in real-time between multiple cameras to create a more engaging experience.

  • Digital delivery of the live edit that was broadcast that day, so you can rewatch for years to come.

  • Up to 60-minute live stream of the virtual wedding.

  • 30-minute prelude with music and slide show. Slide show can be made up of 50


  • Copy of Live stream as it aired (within 2 business days).

  • Live streaming is supported on all major browsers, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer

    and Firefox. We also support all iOS devices and Android devices version 4.0 and greater.

  • Our streaming infrastructure is able to meet viewer demand. We utilize a global content delivery network (CDN) to host your live wedding feed so people can watch from all over the world.

  • We have been live streaming since 2009 covering high school sports and other events. We know what we are doing.

Total Event Streaming - $1100

  • Total live stream coverage of the wedding (see live stream package)

  • Live stream coverage of the reception, which includes:

    • Bridal party arrival

    • Maid of honor/Best man toasts

    • Cutting of the cake

    • First dance

    • Wedding bouquet toss

    • Garter toss

    • Guest testimonials

  • Media package of both the wedding and reception: 

    • DVDs

    • Smart cards/USB drives

JimboTron Add-on - $350

If you need video to be extended to the big screen, the 10’x20’ screen will accomplish the goal. Standing 15’ high, with the base of the screen 5’ above the ground, the JimboTron provides a view for everyone.

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